Book And Doll Set


Enjoy this October by “playing tricks and giving treats” all season long. Incorporate this fun Halloween tradition in your family every year and bring Halloween spirit to a whole new level!

Set Includes:

  • Copy of the 32 page Illustrated Story Book, “The Skeleton in the Closet”
  • 19″ Moveable Plastic Skeleton.

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The Skeleton in the Closet (book and doll set) is a special Halloween visitor that awakens each year to monitor your Halloween spirit with their own “tricks” and “treats.”  Every night, The Skeleton in the Closet™ sneaks out of the closet to trick-or-treat your family and friends so you know that they’re watching!  In order to see the surprise that you’ve got, you must find them each morning in a new hiding spot.  The Skeleton in the Closet – A Halloween Tradition, rewards good Halloween spirit with all kinds of treats, and when they play tricks it’s all just for fun; they’re just games and they can all be undone.  Enjoy this fun family tradition throughout the entire month of October!

Happy Halloween and happy trick or treating!


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